I serve individuals, couples and families looking for help with depression, anxiety,

trauma (including sexual assault and intimate partner violence), self-harming, suicide ideation and chemical dependency.

Treatment Approaches

--Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), which uses eastern philosophies in a way understandable to all people. I like to call it "brain boot camp"  because it teaches a new way to think about emotions, express them in an effective manner and create a life worth living.

--Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), which is incredibly effective in reducing symptoms from PTSD and anxiety and aids in pain management. I am a Level I and II trained clinician.

--Brainspotting (BSP) is relatively new to the field of trauma treatment and is rapidly becoming a preferred modality.  Like EMDR, BSP is incredibly effective at relieving symptoms of PTSD.

Psychotherapy vs Counseling

Psychotherapy is the treatment of emotional or mental disorders by centering on overall personal growth. Using a wide range of techniques, psychotherapy goes in-depth to examine causes rather than single problems, leading to changed behaviors,

greater self-awareness and understanding.

Counseling may be shorter term with the goal of working on a specific issue or issues. In counseling you will receive feedback and suggestions to use outside of session which are directly related to the issue being worked on. It is often used within psychotherapy.

Less scientifically though, both are wonderful tools for anyone looking to increase personal insight,

create more joy in their life and maintain or develop healthier relationships.

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Insurance & Fees

Initial Evaluation Session (full hour)  


Individual Session (45-53 minutes)  


Family Session (two or more people)  


Late Cancel  


Fail to arrive  


Returned Check Fee  


I currently accept checks, debit cards and all major credit cards (including HSA).


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